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12 unique gifts for cat dads

Special occasions call for special gifts. From christmas to father's day, the cat dad in your life deserves a unique gift. The following are twelve gift ideas that will make a purrfect fit for every cat dad out there! Mugs Mugs are one of the most basic gifts. Take your gift game to the next level with these unique, cat themed designs. Made especially for cat dads to enjoy morning coffee in style. Best cad dad ever mug World's greatest cat dad mug   Socks Cat patterend socks, an adorable gift for a fun cat inspired fashion style.   Cat patterned socks   Bookends The perfect accessory for book shelves or libraries. This is a convenient and lovely present for every cat dads'...

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5 Siamese cat facts every cat lover should know

Siamese Cat Facts Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. They’re known and loved for their beautiful blue eyes, the dark points in their velvety coats and their friendly nature. If you’re a fan of siamese cats, here are six facts you should know about this unique breed.

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6 facts about newborn kittens

Cats are fascinating animals, even as newborn kittens. They are the most adorable, fuzzy tiny creatures, but they're also especially vulnerable in this stage of their lives.  Here are six kitten facts that every cat lover should know about newborn kittens.

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How to keep your house from smelling like the litter box: 13 essential tips

If there’s one thing cat owners don’t like about taking care of a cat, it’s the much dreaded litter box.  Cats are very independent pets. They don’t require walks outside to take care of their business. A litter box in a corner of your house will do for them. Which is great, until your house starts smelling like cat pee. To keep your house from smelling like a litter box, the only solution is to keep the box clean and fresh at all times. Follow these tips to do just that.

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Trimming your cat's nails: everything you need to know

Trimming your cat’s claws can be a hassle, especially if your cat can’t or won’t sit still for you to get the job done. However, it is an essential part of your beloved pet’s grooming, and if left undone, it might cause problems in the future. Here is everything you need to know before you start clipping your cat's claws.

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