10 Home Decorations for Cat Lovers

It is no secret that your home decor reflects your personality. And if you're a cat lover (like any sensible person is), having items in your house that remind you of your beloved, furry pet is an absolute joy. From clocks, vases, to garden statues, we offer you fifteen cat themed decors to take your home decor to the next level. 

Black cat clock


 This black kit cat clock is perfect to add a playful touch to your walls.

Buy Black Kit Cat Clock.





dancing cats lamp



A sculpted, unique piece. This dancing cats lamp is both fun and sophisticated, and will add a rustic feel to your space. 

Buy Dancing Cats Lamp.



cat welcome mat rug



Welcome home doormat: home is where your ca purrs to greet you. 

Buy Cat Doormat.





countertop cat shelf rack

Countertop Shelf Rack

A countertop wired shelf organizer with cat inspired design. Perfect for your kitchen, bathroom or office.

Buy Cat Countertop Shelf Rack.




Cat plant pots

Mini Plant Pots

 A collection of 6 cat mini pots for your plants. Made with glazed ceramic and painted individually by hand, these unique pots are the perfect addition to your home or office decor.

Buy Mini Plant Pots.



cat bathroom rug


 Microfiber Absorbent Bathroom Mat

A high quality, cat shaped mat, perfect for your bathroom with its high water absorption properties. Add a touch of cat to your bathrooms with this cute rug.

Buy Cat Shaped Bathroom Mat.



cute cat canvas basket

Canvas Basket

Perfect as a storage basket in the kids' room or as a laundry basket, this water proof, eco-friendly canvas basket is multi-purpose with unique cat pattern design and will fit right in every cat owner's home.

Buy Cat Patterned Canvas Basket.




over the door hok hanger with cats design

Over The Door Hook Hanger

Hanging rack with cute cat design for hanging your clothes and towels in style. No tools needed, simply stick it over the door and your cat shaped hooks are ready to use. 

Buy Over The Door Hanger.




Cats BookendsBookend Pair

A fun cat pair as bookends, to keep your books in place and add a touch of cat to your book collection. 

Buy Cat Bookend Pair.


Salt and pepper shaker set with cat shaped holder

Salt & Pepper shaker set with cat figurine holder

The glass salt and pepper shakers come with this adorable black and white cat figurine holder, individually handcrafted, for every true cat lover to have on their table. 

Buy Spice Shaker Set Cat Figurine.



hidden litter box vase

Hidden Cat Litter Box

A large capacity litter box concealed inside a plant pot, to blend seamlessly with your home decor.

Buy Hidden Cat Litter Box.






decorative table light

 Decorative Table Neon Light

A cat shaped neon lamp is the perfect bedside table accessory for cat lovers. 

Buy Cat Shaped Neon Light.





cat shaped humidifier


A cat shaped humidifier to keep hydrated during dry, cold winters. 

Buy Cat Shaped Humidifier.





cat hair throw pillow

Throw Pillow

Throw pillows for cat lovers, with funny and heartwarming cat designs, to add a touch of cat to your couch or bed. 

Buy Cat Lover Throw Pillow.




Yes, I really do need all these cats sign


Wooden Box Sign

Made of wood with distressed lettering for that aged look, suitable as a wall hanger or just  on a flat surface, this sign is perfect for cat owners and cat lovers' home decor.

Buy Cat Lover Wooden Sign.



What's your favourite? comment down below and browse our website for more cat lovers items. 

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