10 Unique Cat Names Of Norse Origins: Female Edition

Female Cat Names from Old Norse Origins

If you're a cat owner, then you know how choosing the perfect name for your cat can be quite a struggle. You want it to be adorable, unique and at the same time a fit for your cat's personality. 

We brought you ten special female names from old norse origins that we hope can help you pick a one of a kind name for your pet!

  • Alva: pronounced AL-və. Meaning "female elf", it is the feminine form of Alf. 
  • Dagny: pronounced DAG-nee. Meaning a "new day starting". It can also be spelled as Dagnee, Dagni, Dagney.
  • Thora: pronounced THOR-ə. Meaning "like thunder". It is the feminine form of Thor, whom we all know as the Norse god of thunder, war and power. In Norse mythology, Thora was king Ragnar Lodbrok's wife, a danish king. It can also be spelled as Tora.
  • Freja: pronounced FRAY-ah. Meaning "ladylike". As a name, it is used a lot in Scandinavian countries, but very rarely in the U.S.
  • Iona: pronounced ie-ON-ə. Meaning "born on an island". The name is derived from a small island near Scotland. It can also be spelled as Iyona, Iyonna.
  • Kari: pronounced KAHR-ee. Meaning "chaste, pure". This name is a Norwegian variant of Katherine. 
  • Siri: pronounced SI-ri. Meaning "marvelous victory". Siri is a diminutive of the name Sigrid, used frequently by Scandinavian people. 
  • Helga: pronounced as HEL-gah. Meaning "divine woman". A very popular name in Scandinavian countries and Germany.
  • Runa: pronounced ROO-na. Meaning "secret tradition". Popular in Scandinavia, very rarely used in the U.S.
  • Eira: pronounced AY-rah. Meaning "merciful". It is derived from Eir, the norse goddess of health and medicine. 

We hope you find a nice, fitting name for your cat. Stay tuned for more articles where we'll bring you exceptional cat names originating from different cultures and mythologies all over the world! 

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