15 Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Shopping for christmas gifts can be a real struggle for most of us. Finding ideas for a perfect gift for our friends and family is often a hard endeavor. But if you're shopping for gifts for a cat lover, we’ve got your back.

In this article, we offer you 15 christmas gift ideas for that cat lover in your life (and we all have one, don't we?). In case you don’t like any of these items, then at least you’ll have an idea on where to start. So keep reading!


1. A jewelry set:

Cat Jewelry Set Gift For Her

Let’s kick this list off with a classic gift. You can never go wrong with a jewelry set, and if it is shaped as cat paws, then you have definitely found the christmas gift for her. This dainty set of necklace, ring, bracelet and trendy earrings is especially a trendy gift for cat moms. 

2. Snoozies:

peeking black cat snoozies for cat lovers

Peeking Black Cat Snoozies on Amazon

Keep your loved ones’ feet warm with fluffy snoozies, a gift that shows you care about their well being. These snoozies will definitely be a favourite during the cold winter for any cat lover. 

3. Cat Measuring Cups: Kitchen favorites!

Cat whiskers measuring cups

Measuring Cups on Amazon

Measuring cups with adorable cat inspired prints will make cat lovers who love cooking and baking thrilled! There are countless designs, start by checking out the one above. 

4. Cat Thermos:

Black Cat thermos with cat spoon as gift for him

Cat Shaped Thermos on Amazon

Get this cat shaped thermos for the cat lover in your life to help them keep their favorite drinks stylishly on hand. You can find the one above and many others on Amazon.

5. Cat Throw Pillow

cat hair throw pillow for cat loversreserved for the cat nude pillow home decorationflower cat throw pillow home deco

 A gift for the house is always welcome, a throw pillow can make a difference in a couch or a sitting area. Cute and cool cat designs will make a purr-fect touch for every cat lover’s home decorations. Get one of the above by clicking on the image or check out more cat throw pillows here.

6. Tea Set:

Cute Tea Set with cat design

Tea Set on Amazon

Make their tea times unforgettable with an adorable tea set, this gift will be a great addition to their kitchen. Start looking for tea sets by checking out the one above.

7. Throw blanket: 

trending fleece throw blanket with colorful cat design

Cat Throw Blanket on Amazon

Another winter needed gift. A soft throw blanket with a unique cat design will make any cat lover happy and warm. Cat owners love to snuggle with their cats, and with a soft fleece blanket, cuddling will be even more enjoyable. 

8. Don't forget the cat!

adorable white kitten wearing blue sweater for cats

Cat Sweater on Amazon

A touching gesture would be to get the cat a nice gift! Make the cat lover in your life grateful by remembering their cats for christmas. Check out the adorable cat sweater above in more colors.

9. Jewelry tray:

Cat Jewelry Tray silver and porcelain

Jewelry Tray on Amazon

You can get this one as a complement to jewelry gifts. Cat shaped jewelry trays will be a great accessory for cat lovers and cat owners to display their jewelry. 

10. Christmas sweaters:

woman wearing blue cat ugly christmas sweater designwoman wearing red and white christmas sweater for cat loversgray cat design on ugly christmas swetaer red and green

Christmas Sweaters for Cat Lovers 

Another classic. This gift is the christmas sweater but with a spin, a pretty cat design on the ugly Christmas sweater would make a very season appropriate gift for cat lovers or cat owners to wear. Check the cute sweaters above on amazon by clicking on the image.

11. Headphones for the young!

pink cat ears headphones gift for kids

Cat Ears Headphones

Make the young ones happy with these adorable cat-eared headphones. Available in multiple colors for boys and girls, their love for cats will make these a joy to flaunt around. Start by checking out the ones above.

12. Kitchen towel set:

kitchen towel set with cat design

Kitchen Towels Set on Amazon 

To make cooking fans happy. With a kitchen towel set with lovely cat designs you will make the holiday cooking a joy for the cat lover in your life. 

13. Air humidifier shaped as a cat: 

blue and pink air humidifiers shaped as a cat

Mini Humidifier for Cat Lovers 

In dry winter, a cute humidifier shaped as a cat will be much appreciated. Available in different colors, get your cat loving friend or family member this unique humidifier. Available on our website with free shipping, just click on the link below the picture.

14. Mugs:

 cat mom white mug flowerscat dad mug for himit's not drinking alone if the cat is home black mugcat mother coffee lover black mug

Mugs are one of those staple gifts you can never go wrong with. Get one of these cute and funny mugs for your friend so they'll remember you whenever they're snuggling with their favorite hot drink. Get one of the above by clicking on the image, or check out more amazing mugs in our store. 


15. Onesie: 

adult woman wearing black cat onesie

Cat Onesie on Amazon

Warm, adorable onesies are a great gift not only for young people but also for adults. Cat lovers will love wearing these cat onesies.


Nothing caught your eye? For more gift ideas for cat lovers, visit our website or find more on this amazon link straight to cat lovers gifts.


 What's your favourite? comment down below and join the CatsPeople community!



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