5 Cat Facts You Should Know

Interesting Facts about Cats

If you're a cat owner or a cat lover, here are five interesting, must-know facts about our adorable furry feline friends.

1- Cats are some historical figures' favourite pets

Some of the world's most famous historical figures owned cats. Here are four of historical celebrities who were cat owner:
    • The Brontë sisters, who featured our beloved felines in many of their works. 
    • The multi-talented Mark Twain was also a huge fan of cats, to the point where he said that “they are the cleanest, cunningest, and most intelligent things I know, outside of the girl you love, of course”.
    • Florence Nightingale, who is considered by many to be the founder of modern nursing, was a renowned cat lady.
    • And Abraham Lincoln, who was known to pick up stray kittens and bring them home.

      2- Healing cat purrs

      A cat purr is every cat owner's favorite sound, but did you know that cats don't always purr because they're happy? They could be purring when they're stressed or sick. Some cats purr while giving birth. No one knows exactly why cats purr, but some scientists think the frequency of the sound helps them promote bone and muscle healing. isn't that amazing?

      3- Cats are renowned sleepers

      We all know that cats are legendary sleepers. For an average of 15 hours a day, cats sleep a lot. Most of that time is during daytime. Why? Cats are descendants of feline predators who hunt and chase at night, which is why they spend most of their days napping to build up the energy they need to play and prowl while you’re asleep!

      4- Cats sweat through their paws

      Did you know that cats do sweat? and unlike us, cats don't sweat through their skin, (which would have been uncomfortable because of their fur). Cats actually have sweat glands in their paws! They sweat when it’s too hot or sometimes when they’re frightened. A stressed cat can leave behind a wet trail of pawprints! 

      5-Black cats: bad luck...good luck

      Black cats are considered harbingers of bad luck in the United States. In fact, black cats have been linked with evil for a long period of time in western civilisation. On the contrary, Japanese people view black cats as a good omen, especially for single ladies!

      small black cat

      Stay tuned for more interesting cat related posts once a week! 

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