5 things your cat is telling you with its tail

Cat tail language orange tabby cat laying down tail up

For many cat owners, figuring out what your cat is thinking can prove very challenging. But if you pay enough attention, you can learn the telltales in your cat’s body language. Posture, ears, eyes, they’re all indicatory features helpful in reading your cat. 

In this article, we’ll focus on your cat’s most significant communication technique: its tail. Here are five things your cat is telling you with its tail. 

  1. When the tail is raised upward, it means your cat is feeling happy and confident, and you’re doing a great job as a cat parent!When the tail is raised upward, it means your cat is feeling happy
  2. When the tail is straight up and quivering, this means the cat is very excited. It’s often a friendly greeting for when you’re finally back home.
  3. Holding the tail between the legs is often a submissive posture for cats in the presence of more dominant cat. Other times, it means that your cat is either upset about something or wants to be left alone.
  4. The puffed up tail is a famous sign of fear in cats. When the tail is bristled and the fur is puffed up, the cat is attempting to make itself look bigger because it feels threatened by something or someone in the vicinity. 
  5. When your cat is holding his tail diagonally down, it’s often a sign of aggression, they don’t feel comfortable with someone or something. But you have to closely watch the overall body language of the cat, because some cats can carry their tails in that position when relaxed. cat tail down means cat afraid

It is important to note that in all cases above, you should watch the overall state of your cat’s body language and its behaviour, that way you don’t wrongly interpret what your cat is telling you. 

Comment down below, tell us of your cat’s unique ways in communicating with you. 

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