12 unique gifts for cat dads

Special occasions call for special gifts. From christmas to father's day, the cat dad in your life deserves a unique gift. The following are twelve gift ideas that will make a purrfect fit for every cat dad out there!


Mugs are one of the most basic gifts. Take your gift game to the next level with these unique, cat themed designs. Made especially for cat dads to enjoy morning coffee in style.

Best cat dad ever white mug



Cat patterend socks, an adorable gift for a fun cat inspired fashion style.


Cat pattern socks for cat dads



The perfect accessory for book shelves or libraries. This is a convenient and lovely present for every cat dads' office space.
Black cat shaped bookends for cat lovers

Back scratcher 

Useful to have around, this cat shaped back scratcher is also adorably funny.


funny cat shaped wooden back scratcher

Mouse pad

The cat daddy in your life will enjoy having this mouse pad in his office or home, to remind him of every cat owner's life motto.
mouse pad with cat pattern and text: I work hard so my cat can have a better life


Laptop sleeve

Heat, oil and water resistant. these laptop sleeves are the purrfect present to help cat dads protect their laptops whether for school or for work. A functional and pleasant present that will not disappoint.  
fun cat pattern laptop sleeve

Bottle opener

Small enough to keep in a pocket or use as a keychain and with cat inspired designs that will please the cat dad in your life. This cat themed bottle opened/ keychain is a must have for cat parents!
cat paw shaped keychain and bottle opener
"because cat" bottle opener with cat pattern



The best cat dads deserve a special baseball cap. The purrfect piece to complete every cat dad's fashion style.



cat dad af baseball cap


best cat dad ever hat


A unique and funny statement piece to put on your desk, or hang on the walls of your house. Available with different designs and other innovative and funny quotes to suit every cat lover's taste!



I work hard so my cat can have a better life sign


A cat shaped planter is the purrfect gift for cat dads who enjoy caring for plants as much as cats! Two designs that will steal your heart and make an unforgettable gift for the cat lover in your life.


Cat shaped planter

Desk Decoration

Nothing was better than a little cat statue as desk decoration for cat dads. A nice touch to add to a desk, a living room table or as a shelf decoration. This would be a nice housewarming gift for your cat loving friend.
Cat shaped desk decoration
Which one do you like best? share your ideas in the comments down below!

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