5 Siamese cat facts every cat lover should know


Siamese cats are one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. They’re known and loved for their beautiful blue eyes, the dark points in their velvety coats and their friendly nature. 

If you’re a fan of siamese cats, here are six facts you should know about this unique breed.

1- Origin of the Name

Siamese cats originated around the 14th century in Thailand. The country was known as Siam up until 1939, thus the name. 

2- Dark Points

Siamese kittens are born with an all white coat. The color change is the result of a type of temperature sensitive albinism. The cooler parts of the body that reach below a certain temperature (33°C) develop a dark color. So as a siamese kitten grows, its coat color changes in the legs, tail, ears and face; also known as the points.

The color of the points itself is determined by genetics. There are seal, chocolate, blue and lilac points. 

3- Vocalisation

Siamese cats are known for being very talkative, and for their distinctive voice. If your siamese is unhappy, or happy, about something, they will definitely let you know. Their vocal nature can be off putting to some people. But if you want a chattering cat to keep you company and engage in lengthy conversations with you, siamese cats are a perfect choice.

4- Sociability

Overall, cats have a reputation of being aloof and independent. But in reality, each cat is different, each with their own personalities.

Siamese cats are known for being very social, though. They’re affectionate, playful and friendly. They need as much attention and affection from their humans as they give!

That is why it’s not recommended to leave a siamese cat alone too much, especially if you work all day. Your cat will be affected and may even suffer from depression or separation anxiety. So if you want a siamese, you have to seriously consider getting one more cat to keep it company when you’re away. 

5- Curled Tail & Crossed Eyes

For the longest time, siamese cats were known for having curled tails and crossed eyes. These endearing traits were considered undesirable, though, so cat breeders worked on breeding them out of the siamese. 

Right now, the crossed eyes and kinked tail aren’t common traits for this old breed.


Cross eyed siamese kitten with a bubble saying; leave a comment or share for me!

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