10 Gifts for Cat Moms

Multiple occasions celebrate women all over the world; from women's day to mother's day, even simple birthdays and anniversaries. Cat moms, especially, deserve love and appreciation for keeping up with their beloved pets' demands and lavishing them with unconditional love and care no matter how busy they are.
The following is a list of ten special gifts for female cat owners and cat lovers.

Girl Power T-shirt

This Girl Power T-shirt with cat silhouette designs is perfect for every proud, empowered cat mom out there. 

Cat Mom Hoodie

World's greatest cat mom hoodie for cat moms, a great gift available in a multitude of colors and sizes to suit all tastes.

Cat Shaped Vases

These plant pots with adorable cat inspired design are perfect as a gift for cat lovers and cat owners to decorate their personal space.

Purrfect Cat Mom Mug

The purrfect mug for every cat lady's morning coffee, or tea. The colorful, fun and unique design is ideal for spring time.

Colorful Girl Power Mug

Colorful and lively mug to empower every cat mom's morning! A great women's day gift for cat lovers.

Cat inspired Measuring Bowls

For cat moms who enjoy baking and cooking, these measuring bowl with their cute cat inspired designs are the perfect gift.

Cat Mom Pillow

Badass cat mom throw pillow, to add a fun touch to every cat mom's home decor. Great as a unique gift on mother's day or on women's day, or simply on your cat loving friend's birthday.


Cat Inspired Jewelry

Cat paw golden bracelet

A piece of fine jewelry is never amiss as a lady's gift. This bracelet with its unique charms and cat paw design is just the gift for cat moms.

Cat Inspired Throw Blanket

A colorful throw blanket with fun cat inspired design for every cat lover and cat owner's bed.

Cat Mom Box Sign

For hard working cat ladies! This fun box sign with a vintage feel is perfect for every cat lover's home decor.



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